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Super & Mega Yachts

Advantage of staying in Aruba

  • A safe Marina with 24 hour security.

  • Full privileges at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino for crew members:

    • Private island access with complimentary ferry service, beaches, towel service, fitness area, bar and restaurant.

    • Usage of swimming pools at Renaissance Marina Hotel and or Renaissance Ocean Suites.

    • Usage of the gym at the Renaissance Marina Hotel.

  • The Marina is located in the center of the city of Oranjestad with restaurants, bars, shopping and casinos all in walking distance.

  • The Marina is just 8 minute drive away from the Queen Beatrix International Airport.

  • Supermarkets are 10 minute drive away and there are some small ones on walking distance.

  • WIFI is available on the docks. Aruba offers a good telecommunication structure in general.

  • You are able to send parts duty free by FEDEX to your yacht in transit in 4-5 business days.
    Please contact us for shipping details.

  • A fuel truck can be arranged upon arrival or departure from the Oranjestad harbor.


Recommended med moor procedure in Wind Creek Marina

As the prevailing wind will be on your starboard aft quarter we recommend dropping the starboard anchor to a bit to starboard of your slip. (Basically in front of the slip to the north of your slip) A second anchor can be dropped to port of your slip if you are staying longer than 2 days. We recommend laying the anchor close to the buoy line of the two buoys that demark the 10 ft line.


We can give you suggestions as to where to drop the anchors by radio when you come in. Normally this goes off without a hitch. If there is a problem, we learned throughout the years that this is mostly caused by the fact that the anchor has not been dropped far enough away or that the anchor gets dragged closer to the dock as the boat is maneuvering in. We have found that 120 to 150 ft of chain out is ample (depth where you will be dropping the anchor is about 14 ft).


Our dock is a wooden deck on a steel structure. For larger vessels (over 80 ft) we have ½” chain around the pilings to which we secure your mooring lines. We request you to pass us a shackle, so we can shackle your line to the chain. If you don’t have shackles please pass us the ‘wrong’ end of the mooring line (the end without the eye) so we can tie a bowline onto the chain.


We have divers available to float in anchors if necessary

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