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Aruba has different procedures for clearing in and out as other islands in the Caribbean. At arrival all vessels are required to go to an official port of entry first. You will have to visit Barcadera harbor first. The vessel will have to cleared by both Immigration as by Aruba Customs. First do your clearance at Immigrations (sea side office), after that you follow with Customs. Customs needs a copy of the stamped immigration form.


For your convenience you can print and fill in the necessary clearance forms.

You will need three copies for Immigration and two copies for Customs.



When clearing in there is one thing to keep in mind. We strongly suggest that you ask immigration for a longer period then you might intend to stay. In case you plans change you avoid spending time in long lines for an extension.


Visa requirements:

 None for citizens from the US, Canada or the EC

• For other nationalities, please download the entry requirements.

• Please note, even though Aruba is part of the Dutch Kingdom, visa for the Netherlands Antilles are not valid for Aruba.


Clearance Forms

Please feel free to download here you customs and immigrations forms.

Customs Clearance

Immigration Form


You can clear in at Customs when you have finished clearance with Immigrations.


Outside of the regular clearance you will also have to declare the vessel you are on. This is not necessary upon arrival but can be done (no later than) the next day. You will need a customs broker. Your broker will have to start the process of declaration no later than your second day here in Aruba.


COVID-19 Please visit for the latest information and travel advisory update from the Aruba Tourism Authority regarding the measures Aruba has put in place, including travel restrictions in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The requirements and protocols are implemented for the safety and well-being of our visitors as well as locals.

Clearing in Barcadera Harbor

When you clear in the Barcadera Harbor please keep the following in mind:

  • The container terminal is off limits to yachts.

  • You have to tie up to the North West dock with the wooden face board. There is a shoal in front of this dock.

  • The entry buoy to Barcadera Harbor is at 12° 28.834′ N 70° 00.430′ W

  • The customs dock at Barcadera is at 12° 28.855′ N 70° 00.014′ W

  • In Barcadera you will have to go the Immigrations & Customs office on the dock.

Barcadera Customs Dock

If you go to the end of the (wooden) dock, please stay close to the dock for the vessels tied to the dock on the way there to stay off the shallows. Up to 7 ft draft can go to the end, but you do need to stay close to the dock.


Before departing the harbor to continue to the Marina (or when making any movements within the harbor) please call Aruba Port Control to make sure there is no other traffic. This is a precaution to avoid yachts from being run over by large steel ships.

Fore more information:

How to find Wind Creek Marina

Once you have finished clearing please call Wind Creek Marina on channel 16 so we can direct you to your slip and assist you with mooring. Office hours are from 8am - 6pm except on Sundays and Holidays. Assistance outside office hours can be requested.


The Marina is located inside of the Oranjestad Harbor Channel just east of the Cruise ship dock. The entry to the Marina is at 12° 31.014' N 70° 02.348' W. You will see a large concrete mooring bollard in the entry to the Marina basin. Keep this to your port when entering. Inside the basin there will be two white buoys, one will have a “No Wake” sign on it. (These buoys mark the 10 ft line, SE is deeper NW is shallower) Keep these buoys to your port. Please communicate by radio at this time so we can direct you to your slip.

Clearance Forms
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